Welcome to the wonderful and exciting world of Hair and Beauty offered by Stage One The Hair School, Inc. Our unique scientific approach to education brings together the concepts of art and science within a sound educational foundation. If you love working with people and are willing to devote the time and energy necessary for success, this is the field for you. Once you master a profession in the cosmetology field, the door to numerous career opportunities opens and awaits you!

Career Opportunities

We have listed just a few of the career opportunities available to you upon completion of the cosmetology course. However, if you enroll in specific courses such as teachers training, esthetics (skin care and makeup) or nail technology the chance of career opportunities change. If you want to teach, you'll need to complete a teachers training course after you've completed one of our other courses. For more specific information about career opportunities, ask your admissions counselor for guidance.

  • Hair Designer
  • Esthetician (Skin Care and Makeup)
  • Color Specialist
  • Salon Owner
  • Corporate Educational Director
  • TV/Motion Picture Designer
  • Celebrity Designer
  • Platform Artist
  • Competition Designer
  • Private Consultant
  • School Owner
  • Research Assistant
  • Educational Consultant
  • Manufacturer's Representative

  • By choosing a profession in the cosmetology field, you can be assured of a rewarding, creative and exciting future. But to really reach the top and make the best possible use of your talents and artistry, you will need a fine education. Stage One The Hair School can offer you just that. Education that works!