​Educational Objectives

Stage One The Hair School is committed to the belief that our communities expect quality workmanship and artistic professionalism from today’s beauty industry. We are dedicated to the achievement of excellence. It is because of this commitment and belief that our faculty, program, and facilities were selected for high levels of distinction in cosmetology.

While today’s obligations to our students, alumni and community are recognized priorities, our goal for tomorrow is even greater excellence in educational preparation. This school observes all rules and regulations issued by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology and the local Health Department.

Stage One The Hair School encourages its instructors to keep abreast of the latest cosmetology techniques and teaching methods through individual study and training as well as regular attendance at teachers’ advanced courses, workshops, and trade shows.

Stage One The Hair School participates in educational conferences and regional meetings designed to advance the profession of cosmetology. Our teaching program incorporates the use of all acceptable teaching techniques and training aids. Stage One The Hair School provides for its student a clean, spacious facility, well equipped with modern teaching tools. Supplemental textbooks, workbooks, filmstrips, and other audio-visual aids are used in conjunction with nationally accredited and recognized textbooks to provide complete and up-to-date training for our students.

Graduates of Stage One The Hair School have a thorough understanding of basic hair-cutting, coloring, perming, highlighting, and conditioning. They have also been trained in the basics of salon operations, management, client communications, sales skills, and retail products knowledge. Salon owners find our graduates exceptionally skilled, professional, and able to adapt readily to many salon situations with a minimum of instruction.

This school maintains honest and fair relationships with our staff, students, patrons, the State Board, and other schools. Stage One The Hair School purchases high-quality equipment, cosmetics, and supplies to be used in the instruction of our students. This school advertises truthfully and makes honest representations to our students.

An Accredited School of Cosmetology

Stage One The Hair School is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences, which is recognized by the United States Department of Education as the National Accrediting Agency for Cosmetology Schools. Stage One The Hair School is also licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Cosmetology.

Career Opportunities

We have listed just a few of the career opportunities available to you upon completion of the cosmetology course. However, if you enroll in specific courses such as teacher training, esthetics (skincare and makeup), or nail technology the chance of career opportunities change. If you want to teach, you’ll need to complete a teacher’s training course after you’ve completed one of our other courses. For more specific information about career opportunities, ask your admissions counselor for guidance.

  • Hair Designer
  • Esthetician (Skin Care and Makeup)
  • Color Specialist
  • Salon Owner
  • Corporate Educational Director
  • Celebrity Designer
  • Platform Artist
  • Manufacturer’s Representative

Career solutions that fit

If you love working with people and are willing to devote the time and energy necessary for success, this is the field for you. Once you master a profession in the cosmetology field, the door to numerous career opportunities opens and awaits you!