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Creating futures designing hair…

By choosing a profession in the Cosmetology field, you can be assured of a rewarding, creative and exciting future.

Stage One The Hair School can offer you just that. Education that works!

Creating futures in

Just like hairstylists, Makeup artistry has plenty of variety. This job is flexible in location too, as many makeup artists work outside of salons and in fields like theater, television, and movies. This job is also just as sentimental as hairstyling, as artists are often adding beauty to special occasions and milestones in people’s lives.

Creating futures

Well-manicured nails make all the difference in someone’s appearance. And it’s an exciting field with the variety of colors and styles that come out season by season. There are a couple of routes you can take in this field – from nail care to nail design. Manicurist/Nail Artist: Focuses on the look and design of the nails. This includes manicures, pedicures, applying artificial nails, polishing, conditioning, etc. ​​Nail Care Artist: Focuses on the health of the nails. This includes treating fungal infections, ingrown nails, etc.

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